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Beyond the Diagnosis art exhibit began in 2015, representing 17 different rare diseases and exhibiting at Brown University Medical School. Today, we represent over 100 diseases. We are continually growing and striving to put a face to all 7,000 rare diseases.


The demand for this exhibit has grown 500% in just 4 years. We have visited many of the most esteemed medical schools, research institutions and hospitals in the country. We have been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and many local news stations. Articles about the exhibit include prestigious medical journals like The Lancet.


We are very interested in partnering with patient organizations to help continue to grow the exhibit and more effectively promote patient organizations and their work. Membership for our Patient Organization Alliance is $250 per year. Alliance membership is not a requirement of exhibit representation. 


Alliance members’ logos with a link to your website will be featured on our Patient Organization Alliance website page, alongside the portrait representing your disease.


We want to welcome Alliance members and are looking forward to growing together!

Payments can be made by: 



Beyond the Diagnosis

P.O. Box 16534 Rumford, RI 02916

Beyond the Diagnosis

P.O. Box 16534 Rumford, RI 02916

Tel: 401-434-0052

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