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"Patients Share Hope in the Pandemic"

Patrick Mairs

April 8, 2020

"Living with a rare disease"

Justin McCarthy

March 1, 2020


"Portraits Outside of East Providence home send message of 'joy and light'"

Madeline List

May 5, 2020


"Social Media as a Patient Advocacy Tool During COVID-19 Pandemic"

Victoria Radke

May 7, 2020


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"Faces of Rare Diseases"

Patrick Mairs

January 17, 2019


"NIH Hosts Rare Disease Day"

Michael D. O'Neill

March 5, 2019


"FDA is Working to Bridge Gaps"

Janet Maynard

May 29, 2019


"Rare Disease Day: Exhibit and Research Conference"

February 27, 2019

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"Inspiring Art"

March 19, 2019


"Local student to be featured in nationwide exhibit"

Kori Johnson & Sydney Basden

September 13, 2019

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"Einstein College of Medicine hosts rare disease art exhibit"

March 1, 2019


"Power Of Rare Disease Patient"

Brenda Sandburg

May 15, 2019


"Paintings seek to inspire research on rare diseases"

Barbara Morse Silva

October 7th, 2019


"More than meets the eye: Exhibit of children’s portraits meant to raise awareness of rare diseases"

Madeline List 

November 29th, 2019


"Beyond the Diagnosis" 

February 20, 2018

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"Art captures life of kids with rare diseases" 

Ian Walker 

April 3, 2018


"Art exhibit at Texas State draws attention to rare diseases" 

Steffi Lee

October 4, 2018

"Q&A: ‘Beyond the Diagnoses’ exhibit will feature local student"

Kate York

February 26, 2018

"The Human Genome Experience – Discover, eNgage, leArn" 

Sharon Rosen

June 7, 2018


"Beyond the Diagnosis" 

Lauren Petrowski

November 9, 2018

"Groundbreaking art exhibit puts spotlight on rare diseases" 

Shirley MIn

March 9, 2018

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"Artists adopt orphan diseases" 

Catherine Lucas

October 1, 2018


"Rare Art" 

Ellen Welty 

April 5, 2017


"Rare Disease Day 2017" 

December 20, 2017


"Leading the Way: Beyond the Diagnosis " 

Daryl Velez

October 11, 2016

"Putting a face on rare disease"

Tom Ulrich

April 8, 2016

"Putting a face on rare, incurable diseases " 

Jim Axelrod

August 28, 2016


"Exhibit takes viewers Beyond the Diagnosis"

David Orenstein

February 5, 2015

"Kids with rare diseases painted for awareness"

Dana Griffin

February 6, 2015

"The Changing World of Long-Term Care in RI"

March 2015

"Art show portrays children with rare diseases as 'beautiful human beings"

Susan Donaldson

August 3,  2015

"Art show portrays children with rare diseases as 'beautiful human beings"

Dana Guth

November 4,  2015

"No longer invisible: The faces of rare diseaes"

Melissa Bailey

November 30,  2015

"Med School exhibit takes people-first approach"

Tom Ulrich

February 20, 2015

"Beyond the Diagnosis"

Savannah Young

October 29,  2015